The real reality, as they called. This is the industry to manufacture and store knowledge. The theory is brought into fact. Thanks to the Gelegele girls high school Fraternity. The laboratory has been ensuring that the students of Gelegele girls does what is real and tackles with the apparatus manually as they head to their future. The laboratory Department contains:

ü  Chemistry

ü  Biology

ü  Physics

All subjects are ensured that they dealt with on both dimensions, namely: the chemicals, raw products and apparatus.

The students torially shout ‘Lab’ as their interesting place to be as well as to learn. The environment is cool, silent and accommodating. Thanks be to the institution.

The laboratory personnel is a young vibrant, flexible person who ensures that the students are attended to and are served well with safety and way forward being. He ensures that the students handles safe and good – conditioned chemicals and assist in setting the apparatus.

All these are to ensure that the school’s student passed their exams and ensure that they gain knowledge on manual part of life.

Laboratory Technician


Deputy Principalís Message

DEPUTY PRINCIPALS’ OFFICE Current holder The deputy Principal’s office is responsible for instilling discipline in Students. This is done …

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